Marrakech Morocco


Alexis and I went to Morocco last year and it was a total blast! We used our points to go to Europe and then took a cheap Ryan Air flight from Spain to Marrakech! This was not only a totally amazing trip, it was really cheap too!

Flight to Europe and back (from USA): 60,000 United Miles or 45,000 American Miles off-peak / 60,000 American Miles on-peak or potentially less if you book through the Chase Portal with Chase Ultimate Rewards Points! 

We stayed in a Riad in the Medina, which is the old, walled city. I would highly recommend that, as it is amazing walking through the streets in a place that feels incredibly exotic! Not only that, it feels very authentic, and is pretty cheap too! We stayed at a nicer Riad (Moroccan hotel) in one of their nicer rooms and it was less than $50 a night! We booked ours through Airbnb, which is a good way to go.

If you'd like to see some more pictures of the trip, go check out my wife's blog post about it! 

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