About me

Hi, I'm Brad! One summer in college, I went on a study abroad trip that traveled throughout Asia. I fell in love with exploring other cultures and spent the next two summers living in Asia! At the end of my third consecutive summer abroad, I moved to California to start working full time. I soon met a colleague who told me about how he had flown all over the world for free! I was intrigued – my travels abroad to that point had unfortunately not been free!

I quickly took up Carding as a hobby. I've poured in countless hours researching how Carding works, what the best deals are, and, with my wife, have earned over a million miles and have traveled to a lot of countries!

I have had the opportunity to help many friends understand how Carding works over the past few years and am excited to help you too!

In addition to maintaining this website and traveling the world, I also am currently a first-year MBA student at Chicago Booth! If you'd like to see more about what I am up to, please feel free to send me an email or check out the family blog my wife runs at! She also is quite the photographer and I'd recommend checking out her Instagram, @alexismaymcmullin! :)